Highland Group

We would like to introduce the Highland Group, a global food company pursuing sustainable value and innovation.

Highland, a global food company

The Highland Group specializes in importing, processing, and distributing meat such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc.

Sustainable Value

We create sustainable value by supplying healthy and safe food.

True Innovation

We do our best for the true innovation of food manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

Global Company

We lead the global trend based on global sourcing capabilities.

For 24 years since we started as a trading company in 1999, we have explored clean areas around the world with the commitment to supplying food that customers can trust.

As a result, Highland has earned the trust of customers and grown into a company with sales of KRW 1 trillion 100 billion (sales of group companies in 2022). With the clear vision of providing quality meat that anyone can enjoy, we have strived to make this vision a reality, such as building Korea's first integrated manufacturing and distribution center and food supplies hub in the Seoul metropolitan area, establishing a U.S. branch, ERP development, and business innovation. However, we will not stop here.

With an unwavering passion, we will continue to strengthen our capabilities to make Highland Korea's leading food company. Furthermore, we promise to fulfill our social responsibility and contribute to national economic development, such as returning a portion of corporate profits to society through the Highland Future Foundation. All employees of Highland will endeavor to make a better future.