Highland is always ready to challenge and to take a new leap

Path taken

Highland’s efforts of researching ceaselessly and making new history will continue now and forever.

2020's ~

Soaring of Highland extending its overseas reach


8Established Highland Europe Foods(Spain corporation of Highland)

3Selected as one of the Top 500 Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies in 2022 by the Financial Times for the third consecutive year


11Highland Future Foundation donated food to the Busan metropolitan food bank (worth 160 million won)

Incheon Yousan general industrial park obtained approval

09CEO received award in the <2021 Korean CEO Hall of Fame>

07Established Highland USA (US corporation of Highland)

05Established the Highland Future Foundation

04Received the prime minister’s citation on the <20th Day of Fair Trade>

03Selected as one of the Top 500 Asia Pacific High-Growth Companies in 2021 by the Financial Times for the second consecutive year

Received the minister of health and welfare prize in social contribution in Maekyung <6th Korea’s best management award>


12Acquired approval for construction of logistics/manufacturing center in Busan/Jinhae Free Economic Zone (District of Changwon Nammun

08Incheon 1 center started to operate

04Selected as one of the Top 500 Asia Pacific High-Growth companies in 2020 by the Financial Times

2010's ~

Takeoff of Highland extending its overseas reach


12Signed MOU for investment of Nammun district with Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority, Gyeongnam-do provincial office, Changwon city hall

Received industrial medal as trade promotion man of merit on the 56th Trade Day

10Selected as a female power CEO by Forbes Korea and the sole cover model in the October issue

05Set up a shop in Coupang Rocket Fresh

03CEO was appointed vice chairman of the Korea Importers’ Association

Selected as by TV Chosun

Received citation from the Gandong Tax Office Superintendent for being an exemplary taxpayer on the 53rd taxpayer day

01Received the 2018 special achievement award

Set up a shop in Homeplus


12Recorded sales of 430 billion won (based on sales in 2018)

09CEO selected as one of the <21 Female CEOs of Forbes Korea 2017, Top 1000 Companies in sales>

03CEO selected as Korean representative of <23 excellent female entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific> by global accounting firm EY

01Signed MOU for joint investment with Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority (BJFEZ) and Australian partner


11Signed MOU for joint investment with Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority, Mexican and Canadian partners

Constructed self-manufacturing facility in metropolitan area (Incheon) (HACCP-certified)

01Obtained approval for Incheon industrial part designation plan


03Selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for an economic mission to visit

Established Moa F&B Co., Ltd (former Wellborn Food Co., Ltd.)


08Established Highland Innovation Co., Ltd. (Meat processing manufacturing/logistics center in the Seoul-Incheon area)

06Set up a shop in E-mart


02Set up a shop in Shinsegae Department Store


11Set up a shop in E-mart

Built its own ERP system G3 (Total management of production/management/trade/distribution)

03Relocated head office (Purchase of company building in Dunchon-dong, Seoul)


08Set up a shop in Lotte Homeshopping

07Established the Seoul-Incheon meat wholesale/retail business cooperative association


03Received citation from the Minister of Strategy and Finance on the 44th Taxpayer Day

1990's ~

Jump of Highland extending its overseas reach


09Established Wellborn (Meat processing manufacturing/logistics center in the Youngnam region)


06Designated as Main-Biz (Seoul Regional SMEs and Startups Administrator)

03Designated as duties self-examination company (head of Seoul Regional Customs)


03Received citation from the Head of NTS Seoul Regional Office on the 41st Taxpayer Day


11Received presidential citation on the 42nd Trade Day

10Relocated the Seoul head office (Entire first floor of Trade Center in Samsung-dong, Seoul)

03Received citation from the Commissioner of Customs on the 39th Taxpayer Day


11Busan processing place designated as Busan’s first HACCP


08Completed construction of Busan head office building (Sasang-gu, Busan)